Snap is a unique food truck run by husband and wife team Zeph and Liz Courtney. Our charcoal-grill gives our burgers and dogs a flavor that transports you to a backyard BBQ on a warm summer day, even if you’re just on your lunch break.  

The Food
Our classic menu items are made fresh on the spot with quality, locally-made ingredients including grass-fed, NY-state beef from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, organic all-beef hot dogs from Brooklyn Bangers, artisanal pickles from Rick’s Picks and regional cheddar.

In addition to delicious burgers and hand-cut fries, Snap’s menu features a classic Chicago-style hot dog. Order it with “the works” for an entire meal on a bun. Not in the mood for meat? Try the panko crusted avocado fries with our house-made chipotle mayo. Snap also offers seasonal specialty menu items, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed and blog for new additions.

The Truck
The Snap truck’s engine runs on bio-diesel made from recycled cooking oil. This innovation means the organic peanut oil in Snap’s deep fryers gets filtered into the truck’s gas tank after it’s done making Belgian fries and avocado fries. The truck is literally fueled by fries. This cuts down on the amount of fossil fuels we use and gives our cooking oil a second life.

From our engine to our ingredients to our compostable paper products, Snap is committed to making business decisions that are sustainable — for our community and for the environment. These decisions are just common sense to us. The majority of our nation’s energy consumption comes from the transportation of consumable goods, primarily food. When you eat local, you aren’t just supporting community business, you’re helping cut down on the depletion of our natural resources.

Team Snap

The Snap Truck Team
Liz moved to NYC in 2002 after growing up in Chicago. While fully embracing life in New York City — especially the food — there was still one edible thing she really missed from back home: the Chicago style hot dog.

The notion of selling Chicago dogs in NYC was always in the back of her mind while working at boutique marketing agencies honing her social media skills on the job and her cooking skills on the side.  Inspired by her grandmother, a three-time Pillsbury Bake Off finalist, Liz contributed a recipe to food reporter Kara Zuaro’s rock and roll cookbook I Like Food, Food Tastes Good (Hyperion 2007).  Liz also writes a cooking and homemaking blog called Home Sweet Homewrecker.

Raised in a traditional New England home with recipes and cooking techniques handed down through generations, Zeph is a natural in the kitchen. After attending the New England Conservatory of Music, his career as a professional musician afforded him the opportunity to sample the cuisine of the finest restaurants in the United States and Europe, as well as every imaginable strain of regional “low-brow” specialties. He’s taken his life-long interest in cooking and recently turned it into a burgeoning career on the New York food scene.

In 2008 Zeph won the Brooklyn Chili Takedown competition where a panel of professional cooks and food writers judged his original all-beef chili recipe best in show. He then went on to manage the mobile food operation of Salvatore Brooklyn, an artisanal food company that is a favorite at the Brooklyn Flea and was featured in Martha Stewart Living.

When the economy took a turn for the worse in early 2009, the tough times inspired the couple to explore new career opportunities.  That’s when they realized they just might have what it takes to turn their love for food and their talent in the kitchen into a business. Zeph had the smart suggestion to add flame-grilled burgers to the menu, and thus Snap was on its way.


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