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NYC Marketing Collection is a marketing content curation company. We specialize in sourcing and curating the best content related to marketing on the web. We also have many originally written pieces from our excellent in-house writers. There are so many articles, videos, and other marketing content out there that is impossible to read everything or get the best. That is why we are here.

NYC Marketing Collection was started by Ms Patricia Sorenson approximately 12 years ago. She is a marketing professional that has worked for different high-powered firms. One day during a research session, she realized that finding good content and learning what you need is extremely difficult with all the information out there. That is when she decided to start this company and create this website.

You will find this website a hub of only the absolute best articles, videos, stories, podcasts, pictures, infographics, and more. No need for you to go looking for hours and not find what you need. With NYC Marketing Collection, the information you are looking for is closer than you think. You will save time, money, effort, and frustration, simply by visiting this website or by contacting us at info@snaptrucknyc.com for queries on specific topics.